Passwords for documents and folders

Logged in users

When you share the link to a document or shared folder through an insecure channel (for example email or SMS), someone might intercept the link and gain access to your data. To prevent this from happening, the owners of a document or folder can add a password.

When you share documents with your contacts and teams directly on CryptPad, communications are encrypted and we assume that you want to give them access. Therefore the password is remembered and sent with the pad when you share it. The recipient, or yourself, are not asked for it when they open the document.

You can add a password to a document when you create it.

You can also add or change the password in the Access menu:

  • From the CryptDrive: Right click > Access.

  • From the document toolbar: Access.

Remote Disconnect

Logged in users

In some cases (loss or theft of a device, forgotten to log out of a session on a shared computer, etc.) it can be necessary to close all active CryptPad sessions. This can be done in two ways:

  • User menu (avatar at the top-right) > Settings > Confidentiality > Close remote sessions.

This option logs out all sessions except the one from which it is actiaved.

  • User menu (avatar at the top-right) > Log out everywhere.

This option logs out all sessions including the one from which it is activated.

Remote Content

In Markdown editors (Code / Markdown, Slides, Kanban), CryptPad blocks images and other remotely hosted content to prevent potential tracking.

Logged in users

To include images from the CryptDrive or to upload new ones, use the Insert menu. This menu inserts a media-tag element that is more complex than Markdown image syntax but is managed automatically.