The help-desk is the place where you handle support requests sent by your users. Considering you have enabled the functionality in the Administration panel.


This page shows the current open tickets.

Filter by tag

Select a tag to filter the current view and only shows the tickets assigned to those.

Premium tickets

Tickets opened by users owning a premium account.

Unanswered tickets

Tickets opened by common users without a premium account.

Answered tickets

Tickets that have been answered by a member of the support team and now waiting for a reply from the user.

Archived tickets

Tickets that we don't want to delete right away but keep a trace of them, even while they might have been closed.


Filter by tag

Select a tag to filter the current view and only shows the tickets assigned to those.

Closed tickets

Tickets that have been closed. Either by the user themselves or a member of the support team.

New ticket

Open a ticket for a user

Create a ticket for a user. They will receive a CryptPad notification to warn them. You can copy their user data from an existing support ticket, using the Copy button in the user data.

  1. Fill in the user data in the dedicated text field area.

  2. Give a title to your support ticket in the New ticket text area

  3. Insert one or multiples Snippets

  4. Edit your message

  5. Add an attachement if needed

  6. Check as whom you'll be sending the ticket, for example if you Answer anonymously

  7. Click SEND


Answer anonymously

Check this option to reply as "The Support Team" instead of your own username.


It can be useful when handling moderation cases, where you don't want to reveal your Display name (defined in your Account).

Disable notifications

Check this option to disable notifications on new or updated ticket.


You can store common text as one-click shortcuts to insert in support messages.

Each message has its own unique identifier. To modify an existing one, simply type in the same identifier in the Unique Identifier text field and update the message in Content, then click ADD.