The Kanban application in CryptPad is based on JKanban.



Move cards/columns:

  • Drag the card/column to its desired position and Drop.

Remove a card/column:

  • The area appears once you are dragging an element.

  • Drag the card/column to the Delete area at the bottom of the screen and Drop the card/column.


  • button on the card/column to open the editor > Delete and confirm.


Create a new column:

  • button to the right of the last columns.

Change the title of a column:

  1. Click on the column title.

  2. Type the new title.

  3. Enter

The column title and color can be changed in the column editor:

  1. button next to the column title.

  2. Change the title and/or pick a color.

  3. Close, Esc or Enter


Create a new card with the buttons at the bottom of each column:

  • to add a card at the bottom of the column.

  • to add a card at the top of the column.

Change the title of a card:

  1. Click on the card title.

  2. Type the new title.

  3. Enter

The title of a card can also be modified in the card editor (see below).

Card editor

Open the card editor:

  • button next to the card title.

In the card editor:

  • Edit the card title.

  • Edit the card body using Markdown: Italics, bold, links, lists, todo-lists, etc. are supported.

  • Insert images with the menu in the markdown toolbar (Markdown syntax for remote images is blocked, see Remote Content).

  • Pick a card color.

  • Add or remove tags to the card.

  • Delete the card.


Use the and icons at the top right to display:

  • only card titles.

  • full card contents.

The tags at the top of the board are used to filter cards:

  1. Click on one or more tags.

  2. Only cards with these tags are displayed.

  3. Any new cards will automatically receive the selected tags.

  4. Click on a selected tag to de-select it, or use Clear filter (at the left of the list) to de-select all tags.


File > Import
Supported formats: .json files exported by this application.
Files > Export
Supported formats: .json.