Contribute Code

For any code contribution to CryptPad, you should remember the following elements.


The CryptPad source code is freely available under the AGPLv3 license. Please note the following points:

  • This license allows the re-use and modification of the code, but the modifications must also be made available under the same license.

  • Any library included in the project as part of a contribution must be compatible with this license.


The source code is published on GitHub.

Pull requests

The development team accepts contributions in the form of "pull requests". All requests are considered but the response time can vary according to the complexity of the changes made and the current workload of the team.


Contributions can be based on the main branch which is updated with each release and contains stable code. Experienced contributors can also work on the staging branch which usually contains code planned for the next release and/or under development. This code may be unstable, so the use of this branch is usually discouraged.

Before contributing

Before sending the "pull request" to GitHub, it is important to:

  • Test the code

  • Ensure compliance with coding rules using the npm run lint command to list syntax errors and inconsistencies

  • Describe the changes and why they were made in the message