The Whiteboard application in CryptPad is based on FabricJs.



Insert: Add an image to the document. The image can be chosen in the CryptDrive or uploaded. Logged in users


Two modes are available:

  • Paint mode: add new shapes to the drawing.

  • Select mode: transform existing shapes.

Functions available in both modes:

  • : Undo

  • : Redo

  • : Insert a text element in the drawing

To delete everything on the canvas:

  • Clear button in the drawing toolbar at the bottom.

Paint mode

The width and opacity of line are set in the drawing toolbar. The preview to the right shows the size and opacity of the paintbrush.

Color is selected in the palette in the drawing toolbar. To change a color double click on it and select a new one using the color-picker.

Select mode

Click on an element to select it, then:

  • Drag to move.

  • Transform (scale, rotate) with the selection handles.

To delete a selected element:

  • Del key.

  • button in the drawing toolbar.


File > Export
Supported format: .png

To export an image to the CryptDrive, for example to use it in other documents:

File > Save as image