preview of the Form application


Forms benefit from the same collaboration and privacy features as the other CryptPad applications. They also have slightly different requirements when it comes to usage, for example someone responding to a form should be able to edit their own answers but not other users' answers or the form itself. For this reason the Access rights when sharing a form are different from the other applications. Forms have 3 different roles:

  • Author: can edit questions and form settings.

  • Auditor: can view responses to the form whether or not they are public.

  • Participant: can answer the form and only view responses once they are made public by an author.

To share a form with a specific role, for example to send it to participants, select the role in the Share menu before selecting contacts or copying the link.

the share menu in the form application, showing the three roles: participant, auditor, and author.


The user list, chat, and alerts about users joining the collaborative session are all disabled when a participant is responding to a form. This is to avoid giving the impression that someone is watching while they answer.

Editing a form

To add a question, use the Add menu after the last question, or the between each question.

To delete a question use the Delete button on the question to remove.



Add text to the form using Markdown syntax.

Logged in users

To add an image from the CryptDrive or upload a new one, use the icon in the toolbar.

Page Break

Split the form into pages. Only displayed to participants.

Conditional Section

New in version 4.11

Choice and Checkbox questions can be used to display or hide a section of questions.

  1. In the form editor, use the Add buttons between questions, or the list at the bottom of the form, to add a Conditional Section.

  2. Ensure that there is at least one Choice or Checkbox before the section (a hint will be displayed if not). Only questions placed before the section will be available to use in the conditions.

  3. Add some content (description text, questions) to the section using the Add button or by dragging questions into the section area.

  4. Set some conditions using the selection menus. AND conditions must all be true together, only of the OR conditions needs to be true.

  5. In the participant view, the section will only be displayed if the conditions are true.

Question types


Response: one line of text


  • Text type: text, number, link or email


In the case of link and email, the question is highlighted in red and an error is shown to the user if their response does not fit the required format.


Response: multiple lines of text


  • Maximum characters: limit (defaults to 1000)


Response: one choice from the list


  • Add option button

  • Grab the handle and drag to re-order options

  • Delete an option with

Choice Grid

Response: one option choice per item


  • Add option and Add item buttons

  • Grab the handle and drag to re-order items and options

  • Delete an item or option with


Response: multiple choices from the list


  • Maximum selectable options

  • Add option button

  • Grab the handle and drag to re-order options

  • Delete an option with

Checkbox Grid

Response: multiple choices for each item


  • Maximum selectable options (per item)

  • Add option and Add item buttons

  • Grab the handle and drag to re-order items and options

  • Delete an item or option with

Ordered List

Response: order of preference for the listed options


  • Add option button

  • Grab the handle and drag to re-order options

  • Delete an option with


Response: Yes, No, or Acceptable for each of the proposed options

Option types:

  • Text

    • Add option button

    • Grab the handle and drag to re-order options

    • Delete an option with

  • Day

    • Select the date choices by clicking on them in the calendar

  • Time

    • Click on an option to select the date and time in the calendar

    • Click "Add multiple dates and times" to select multiple options and use Add all to add all of the selected options at once.

Form Settings

Use the 3 buttons at the top for easy access to:

  • Responses (count): toggles the response page

  • Preview form: Opens the participant link

  • Copy link: Copies the participant link


To share an author link to the form (with edit rights), use the Share menu in the toolbar.

Closing date

Date after which the form will be closed to new responses

  • Use the Set closing date button to select a date from the calendar

  • If a closing date is set, use Remove closing date to remove it.

Anonymize responses

All responses are anonymized regardless of whether they are logged in to a CryptPad account. If un-checked, participants who are logged-in can still opt to answer anonymously if guest access is allowed (see below).

Guest Access

  • Blocked: only users who are logged in to their CryptPad account can respond to the form.

  • Allowed: unregistered users can respond, logged in users can choose to respond anonymously.

Editing after submission

  • Allowed: participants can modify their responses after submitting them.

  • Blocked: participants can only respond once.


In the case where editing after submission is allowed at first, used by some participants, and then blocked by the form author, only the first submitted responses for all participants are counted. If the setting is later re-enabled, then all responses and modifications are counted.

Publish Responses

Allows participants who submit the form to view responses. Once enabled, this setting publishes all past and future responses.


Once responses are made public they cannot be made private again.

Submit message

Add a custom message to be displayed after participants submit the form.

Color theme

Choose the background and highlight color for the form.

Advanced use-cases

Anonymous responses with access list

To conduct an anonymous survey with a known group of users, the anonymous answers feature can be combined with an Access List.

To access the form, participants need to be logged in to an account that is on the access list (either directly or through a team they are part of).

If anonymous answers are allowed on the form, participants are able to answer anonymously while the access list ensures they are coming from a specific group of users.


To export responses as a CSV file use the Export to CSV button on the Responses page.