The Polls application is aimed at the facilitation of decisions in small groups of people who trust each other, for example to decide on a meeting date/time.

It is not suited for polling a large number of people, or for situations where the security of the votes is paramount. To cast a vote, each user must have edit rights to the document. This enables each participant to modify and/or delete answers from other participants.


The Poll application is deprecated as of version 4.7 (16th June 2021). Existing polls can still be opened and edited, but the creation of new polls is discouraged (although still possible via File > Make a copy).

Note that the same functionality is available in the new Form application, where the edit rights limitations above have been addressed.

Future development will be focused on the Form application.



Edit: Switch to edit mode to change the poll description and response options.

Publish: Save the changes to the poll description and response options.

In edit mode:

Tools: Show/hide the text editor toolbar.

Insert: Add an image to the poll description. The image can be chosen in the CrpytDrive or uploaded. Logged in users

Edit mode

The poll description is written in Markdown. Use Insert to add images.

Response options are added to the left of the table. To add an option:

  1. Add a title to the “Option” field.

  2. Click on or Enter.

To change an option, Click on the ✐ to the right of the title. To delete an option, Click on to the left of the title.


Each vote is logged in a column of the results table. To add a vote:

  1. Add a name to the column title.

  2. Click on the cells of the options to indicate:

  • ✔ Yes

  • ~ Maybe

  • ✖ No

  1. Click on Submit at the top of the column to save the vote and add it to the total count.

Use to unlock an existing column and edit the name and votes. Use to lock the column.

To add a comment to the poll:

  1. Write your comment in the field labelled “Your comment”.

  2. Send


File > Export
Supported formats: .csv